a bit about me:

In 1977 I got adopted by my Dutch parents. I have a younger sister who is also adopted from Indonesia. Me and my sister experienced a nice youth in the Netherlands depsite our parents divorced when we were teenagers.

At my 17th I survived a heavy accident. Cause of the accident was paralyzed legs what resulted in depending on my wheelchair. My disability motivated me to graduate my  Bachelor education and got drivers license.

In 2002 I did an exchange program at Universitas Surabaya. After the exchange program I went on journey to search for my biological mother in Central Java.

Luckily I succeeded to find my mother and brothers and reunification was a beautiful moment. That year I experienced the most beautiful year in my life.

During college my motivation to work in Indonesia was getting stronger.

The fact I moved to Jakarta in 2009 with intentions to start a new life proves that I have gutts.

Thanks to my big network in Jakarta I could start on several projects.

I also set up my own apartment rental with profit results.

In 2012 I got happily married with my lovely wife from Manado.